Market statistics/Econ Sell prices


Junior Member
Feb 25, 2018
Hello! Would it be possible to get a dump of the selling prices for the server store? I want to maximize my profits so that I can roll around in all that sweet sweet RP eventually.

I don't see an easy way to scrape it in game. I'm hoping you guys could push me or any other nerd that's interested in getting Scrooge McDuck RP rich that'd be awesome.

There's got to be a config file somewhere - I don't need anything else and I Don't need it cleaned up. You guys are more than welcome to redact what you don't want shown. I'll dump it into a spreadsheet for others too if you'd like!


Staff member
Dec 17, 2017
Just for clarification as a Dump you mean a full list of what the store sells items for? If that is what you seek I can certainly post that here. I will be revamping the store for next wipe however to match up with our new XP system we will be rolling out.