noSkills Infrastructure Costs (Reason for Donations)


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Dec 17, 2017

I am sure some are wondering why we have a donation bar at the top of the forums or even why anyone does for that matter. Well I would like to use this thread to answer that question and help provide some insight of what our community truly takes. Now I cannot say this is the same for most communities or clans out there, however this is true for us. I personally like to know why I would be donating and what the true costs are. I will update with all costs that we may encounter moving forward.

Our Promise

So we will not ever take and use the donations as profit. Every donation will be given back to the community in some form. Examples of this would be like event prizes, monthly services and custom plugins. Those are just some of the quick things I can think of. If you find that you would like to see something implemented into our community let us know so we can look into it! We will always try to do what is best for our players and ensure a positive gaming experience for you.

Recurring Costs
  • Web Hosting - $40.00 USD Annually
  • Dedicated Server (All current servers) - $40.00 USD Monthly

One Time Payment
  • Xenforo (Forums) - $149.00 USD
  • Forum Theme - $35.00 USD
  • CCTV Rust Plugin - $15.00 USD
  • BountyNet Rust Plugin - $10.00 USD
  • PlayerSkins Rust Plugin - $22.00 USD
  • RaidNotice Rust Plugin - $15.00 USD
  • RidableHorses Rust Plugin - $15.00 USD
  • Admin Menu Rust Plugin - $15.00 USD
  • AbsolutSorter Rust Plugin - $15.00 USD
  • Random Spawnpoints - Rust Plugin - $10.00 USD
  • Custom Leveling System - Rust Plugin - $100.00 USD
  • Custom Leaderboard - Rust Plugin - $30.00 USD

So as you can see above different activities do cost more and sometimes it may be necessary to include the different plugins. Some of the plugins you see listed here are only available through being a Supporter which is to help drive house costs down. Once our supporters and everything begin to level out we will even look at decreasing supporter contribution amounts. I really hope this provides some good insight for the reason behind it. I know not everyone can make that donation but if you ever do we truly appreciate it! We however enjoy spending time with you all on the servers far more! Your time alone just on the servers is what makes us want to keep doing things like this. I spend a lot out of pocket to do this but it is something I personally enjoy and want to drive the best community out there!


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