Server Mods


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Dec 17, 2017

Below we will have a list of all the mods on this server. Please ensure you download these if you want to use them. You will have to also install the MineCraft Forge in order to use them as well. All the links again are listed below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Download Pack (All mods combined):

MineCraft Forge (Required):

Iron Chest:
Ircon Furnaces:
Stairway to Aether:
XP Mod for Bottles:
Bird's Food:
Openblocks Elevator:
Combined Potions:
Horizontal Glass Panes:
Not Enough Roofs:
Fancy Tools:
Auto Run:
Longer Days:
Extra Bows:
Pam's Farming Mod:
Tool Leveling:
Mantel (Required for Tool Leveling):
Tinkers Consstruct (Required for Tool Leveling):
Stack Size Controller:

How to Install
You will have to install the MineCraft Forge first. Once you run it, it will ask if you want to install Client or Server. Select Client and then continue. It will then install to your C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/.mincraft/mods (AppData will be a hidden folder).

Next you will download the mods and simply place them in the mods folder and run the game with MineCraft Forge. Below is a link to the MineCraft Forge home page which explains it all further.


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