Server Update: 3/1/18


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Dec 17, 2017

On Thursday we will be launching some updates to the server. Some of which will only be available for our supporters while a decent amount will be available for everyone! We will add a few supporter plugins to help keep everything up and running but not make everything that way. With that being said below are the updates we are expecting to rollout.

XP System Revamp

So for those of you who have been on playing before this update probably used the old XP Systems. Well moving forward we will be using a custom created plugin that will be unique to [NS]. I will give some details below but not fully spoil the surprise for the existing players xD.

  • Player Balancing - With this update we will be introducing a sweet system that will help bridge the gap to players who start mid way though our wipe cycle. This is a very important feature as new players always get the short end of the stick. Well not anymore! More to come when we release!
  • TOP SECRET - So this is something that I will not go into too much details in as this is a huge surprise to everyone. Stay tuned!
  • XP/Level Merge - If you played with the previous plugins we had XP and Level as two separate things. That is going to change with this update. You will now gain points to purchase blueprints, perks, and commands by leveling.
  • Perks and Commands? - That's correct we will be adding in a new section for learning which will now contain perks and commands. With perks we will have it so you must by your levels for mining, wood chopping and so on for higher gather percentages. You will also be able to learn new commands which auto add you to permission groups allowing to use certain things.
  • New Player Commands - We will be introducing new commands like /playerlvl where you can now find out what another players level is. That is not the only command we will have a few others I just don't want to spoil it all xD.

This is a small snippet of what we are going to launch. I truly hope you are all just as excited as we are! We feel this plugin will make our RPish server standout from the rest and bring in new players.
Player Roster

Now I know a large amount of you do not enjoy having to do Shift + Tab to view who is all online. I also know that a good chunk of us want an idea of what our kills, deaths, kdr and levels may be. Well we do too and we want to make you happy! Special shoutout to Killimlix for bringing an idea of keeping a kills total and kills player only idea to the table. We should see this on the next update.

Store Update

So you may wounder what can we all change. Well we can change a lot actually and we plan to make some changes. I will be reconfiguring the different prices in the store and as well add in additional items. You should expect to see price increases as it is far too easy to get RP. I will also be decreasing values to make sense. Another change you will see is currency names will change. If you have not noticed yet we name our bots. All scientists have the name of Rick and the airdrop zombies have the name of Morty. We are going to keep some Rick and Morty theme going. By that I mean changing currency to match xD.


So another request by Killimlix for players to have access to the market skins. Well this is going to happen but we are not only going to meet his request but exceed to a higher standard. You will not only have access to the skins for sale in the market, you will have access to all skins in the workshop! (roughly 6gbs worth!) Now this will have some supporter functions but it will not strictly be limited to supporters.

Loot Containers

I had recently made updates to our loot tables for a few things. I am going to revisit those and have them make more sense. I did not know it was going to fully change every loot container. Now that I know this I will ensure all are fixed with the appropriate loot tables.

Item Crafting Prevention

I am going to remove a few items so they cannot be crafted or found. Those items will be things that will give players an advantage to gain items faster without having to truly work for them. Now not saying your not working for them but it will just make the progression equal out better.

As of right now this is all that I have. Again I hope you are all as excited as we are. If you have any suggestions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to an administrator.


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Feb 19, 2018
dang i guess i gave you 2 good ideas :) glad i could help make this server better and i cant wait for the updates thanks for hosting such a great server!


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Feb 16, 2018
Hey Guys!

First, apologies for my absence. My job and job role has gone through some changes and I have been working odd hours... But finally I have some down time! Hoping to get on the server this weekend...

I am very excited for the updates and look forward to the secrets. Seems everything will allow for a more fun, balanced and rewarding aspect to the game! Kudos to killimlix for the suggestions!

Definitely keep that Rick and Morty theme goin!

I hope to see you all out there soon! Game urrghh on!!! That's my new catch phrase Morty! I'm gonna urrggh say all the time now!