We would like to say thank you for viewing this thread. Our vision is to support our players knowledge by providing you all with what we expect to see from our admins. Here you will have a detailed drill down of what each level is responsible for and what commands they have. This we hope can help you determine if the admin role is right for you and to help players distinguish admin abuse.

General Roles & Responsibilities (All admin levels)

  • Communications - We expect all our admins to ensure they are staying up to date with all relevant information to their Home Server. What this means is that if we are to make updates they will be the person someone can ask questions about an update or even and be able to provide an answer or get one.
  • Server Manager - As an admin one of your roles are to manage the server in a way that maintains our rules and procedures. This would include the players and other miscellaneous events.
  • Activity - Being an admin also involves spending some time in your Home Server and playing or chilling. Now we know you have a life outside of us so we do not expect you to be on 24/7 so please don't feel that is necessary. We do ask that you maintain a regular visit so you can properly do the above roles.
  • Home Server - All admins will have a Home Server, this is the server that your pertains to. You are allowed to make call-outs on other servers that are part of [NS] but your admin may not be active for commands and such on other servers. To gain access to more servers you would have to request a promotion. But you may suggest actions to other admins for that server. As a team we should help one another out.

Admin - Level 1

  • Player Management - With being an admin we expect you to uphold our rules and guidelines with professionalism and with your best judgment. If a player is being extremely disruptive or disrespectful to our players it is your duty to ensure the proper action is taken. You will either have to kick or ban depending on the offense.
  • Deliver Results - We want you as an admin to be providing our players with information that can help players succeed and have fun. Ensure you are helping players by answering questions and find out information you do not know.
  • Bans Site - You will get access to our bans site were we manage all our server bans.

Admin - Level 2

  • Everything level 1 contains plus the following.
  • Forum Moderation - As a level two admin you will get additional access to our forums that will provide you the tools to manage a bit of the forums.
  • Server Request (2) - You can now request to get your admin carried over to an additional two servers giving you three servers with admin. So essentially you would have access to the admin commands on an additional server.
  • Event Co Host - As a tier 2 admin you get the chance to take part of events that your fellow leadership is coordinating. It would allow you to partner with leadership and connect more with the players. You get to bring your ideas to the table and provide feedback.

Admin - Level 3

  • Everything from Levels 1 and 2 contains plus the following.
  • Elevated Forum Moderator - You would be granted access to the events portion of our forums and higher set of commands to the forums.\
  • Event Coordinator - Here you would be in charge or creating different events for our servers. You get the chance to bring your creative side out to help drive population to our servers and to provide fun and other things for our players.
  • Server Request (3) - With this you can now request admin on an additional server of your choosing giving you a total of four servers you are now admin of. You will then have access to the admin commands on that server that correspond to your admin level.
  • Review Reported Players - You will have the chance to manage any players that are reported to us from another player. It will be your duty to make a decision based on the evidence present and the investigation you preformed.

Admin - Level 4

  • Everything from Levels 1, 2 and 3 contains plus the following.
  • Server Coordinator - As a tier 4 admin you get to help manage and develop our servers. This means that you get to create and add what you believe would work best with our servers and population. Since you as an admin of [NS] you are getting out there and hearing what our players want. You get to use that data and turn it into something great! You will also be in charge of developing rules for our servers and forums.
  • Admin Management - Being admin can be fun but sometimes you get a few bad apples in there. Well as a tier 4 admin you get the chance to take charge and provide appropriate action for those admins that abuse their power or are not following our rules and guidelines.
  • Server Request (Full) - Due to having extra responsibilities and having more access we grant you with admin on all our servers. If you do not have the game, well you have admin anyways!
  • Event Processing - With the event processing you will decide if the event the tier 3 admin is doing will be something that will help us or may not be worth the time.
  • Review Reported Admins - As the highest tier of admin we off you get the chance to review any admins that are reported to [NS]. Don't worry we will provide a separate option for players to report tier 4 admins so you do not have to talk to your colleagues and keep integrity in check!

So the above was a lot to read and we hope brought you some insight of what we expect. Some of them do not have a very detailed run down but it gives an idea. If you feel that you need more information in regards to this please ask an admin or contact us. Now we will move onto our commands that each level will have access to. Please note that we are still under development for all our commands. We will update accordingly.

Command Abbreviations
  • OX - Oxide Plugin Only
  • SE - Source Engine Only
  • V - Varies from server to server

General Commands
  • Kick
  • Slay (SE)
  • Mute/Silence (V)

Admin Level 1

  • Ban (60 minute max)
  • TBD

Admin Level 2

  • Level 1 plus the following
  • Ban (1 week max)
  • TBD

Admin Level 3

  • Level 1 and 2 plus the following
  • Ban (Permanent)
  • Teleport (V)

Admin Level 4

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 plus the following
  • God Mode (V)
  • Admin Tools (V)
  • Teleport Player
  • Give Command
  • TBD